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Welcoming Michael Hepworth: Our New Chair of the Board of Trustees


Citizens Advice Havering is thrilled to announce that Michael Hepworth, affectionately known as Mike, will be our new Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Michael Hepworth steps into this role following the exemplary tenure of Sue Dix, who has been a source of unwavering support and inspiration to our community.

Michael brings a wealth of leadership experience from a notable career in healthcare management. He has been at the forefront during some of the most demanding times, particularly noted for his leadership of the Radiology Services at Queen’s and King George Hospitals amidst the pandemic. His leadership during such crucial times has been pivotal in managing the challenges faced by healthcare services.

A Consumate Collaborator:

Furthering his commitment to healthcare innovation, Michael has been instrumental in the development of St George’s Wellbeing Hub. This pioneering initiative showcases a collaborative approach integrating health, social care, and the voluntary sectors in outer northeast London, aiming to enhance community well-being comprehensively.

A Strategic Planner

In addition to his operational leadership, Michael has a solid background in strategic planning. His expertise in capital investment and business case development will be critical assets for Citizens Advice Havering as we aim to broaden our influence and service reach.

A Proactive Team member

Michael is also known for his exceptional influencing skills, working effectively with colleagues and system partners to achieve significant results. His collaborative spirit aligns perfectly with our values at Citizens Advice Havering, where teamwork and partnerships are fundamental to our success.

Susanne Rauprich, CEO of Citizens Advice Havering, shared her excitement about Michael’s new role:

“Michael’s profound grasp of data and his analytical prowess are precisely what we need to advance our research and campaigning efforts. His ability to dissect and utilize data will be invaluable in the innovative endeavors we are planning. I eagerly anticipate the new insights he will introduce to our initiatives.”

As we welcome Michael to his new position, we are filled with optimism for the future and are confident in his ability to guide our board. His extensive experience and strategic insight are exactly what we need to lead our organization to new achievements and continued prosperity.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Michael Hepworth as he begins his journey with Citizens Advice Havering. We look forward to a future marked by growth and sustained commitment to serving our community under his leadership.

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